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Sinus Augmentation

Sinus augmentation, also known as sinus lift or sinus graft, is a periodontal procedure used to build up the bone in the upper jaw in preparation for dental implant placement. The procedure involves adding bone to the upper jawbone, specifically in the area where the sinuses are located, to create a stable foundation for dental implants.

How Sinus Augmentation Works

The upper jawbone, or maxilla, is a critical location for dental implant placement. However, in some cases, there may not be enough bone in this area to support a dental implant. This is where sinus augmentation comes in.
During the procedure, the periodontist will create a small incision in the gum tissue near the back of the upper jaw. They will then lift the sinus membrane, which separates the sinus cavity from the jawbone, and add bone graft material to the space between the jawbone and the sinus membrane. The bone graft material can come from a variety of sources, including the patient’s own body, synthetic materials, or donor bone.
Over time, the bone graft material will fuse with the patient’s existing bone, creating a stronger and thicker bone structure in the area. Once the bone has fully healed, the patient can then proceed with dental implant placement.

Benefits of Sinus Augmentation

Sinus augmentation offers several benefits for patients, including:
Improved support for dental implants: Sinus grafts can provide a stable foundation for dental implants in the upper jaw, allowing for a more secure and long-lasting restoration.
Improved facial aesthetics: A sinus lift can help restore the height of the upper jawbone, which can improve the appearance of the face and reduce the sunken appearance that can occur with bone loss.
Restored oral function: Sinus augmentation can help restore oral function, allowing patients to chew, speak, and smile with ease.
Improved quality of life: This procedure can help improve the overall quality of life by restoring oral health and function, as well as enhancing self-confidence.

Risks of Sinus Augmentation

Like any surgical procedure, sinus augmentation does carry some risks. Some of the potential risks associated with sinus augmentation include:
Infection: Sinus augmentation can increase the risk of infection, which can lead to further complications. Dr. Barclay may prescribe preventative antibiotics to mitigate this risk.
Pain and discomfort: Patients may experience pain and discomfort during the healing process, which is generally mild and managed with OTC pain relievers.
Rejection: In some cases, the body may reject the bone graft material used in the procedure. In this rare instance, an additional surgery may be required.
Sinus complications: There is a small risk of sinus complications, such as sinusitis or sinus perforation.
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