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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure that removes gum tissue and sometimes bone from around a tooth to expose more of the tooth’s surface. The goal of crown lengthening is to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile by improving the proportions of the teeth and gums.

Why Choose Crown Lengthening

In addition to producing a more beautiful smile, crown lengthening can also provide:
Paves the way for restorative dentistry: Exposing more of a tooth’s surface is often necessary for certain restorative procedures such as placing a crown or filling.
Improves periodontal health: Crown lengthening can improve the health of the gum tissue by removing excess tissue that may be harboring bacteria and contributing to periodontal disease.

How does crown lengthening work?

Crown lengthening is performed under local anesthesia, although sedation may also be used for patients who are anxious or uncomfortable during the procedure. At Gainesville Periodontics, we happily provide sedation dentistry at our office to patients who request it.
During the procedure, the periodontist will carefully remove excess gum tissue and, if necessary, bone tissue to expose more of the tooth’s surface. The periodontist will use specialized instruments to remove the tissue and shape the gum line, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The periodontist may also place sutures to hold the gum tissue in place and promote healing.

What is recovery like after crown lengthening surgery?

Discomfort, swelling, and bleeding are common after crown lengthening surgery. Dr. Barclay will likely prescribe over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs. Patients should avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, and strenuous activity for a few days after the procedure and follow Dr. Barclay’s instructions for post-operative care, including proper oral hygiene and follow-up appointments.
In most cases, the gum tissue will heal within a few weeks, and patients can resume normal activities. However, patients may need to wait several months before undergoing restorative dental procedures, such as placing a crown or filling, to allow the tissue to fully heal and stabilize.

Is crown lengthening right for you?

If you’ve got a gummy smile or need to have crown lengthening surgery before a restorative dentistry procedure, schedule your appointment with Gainesville Periodontics today.

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