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Gingival Augmentation

Are your gums receding, exposing roots and causing painful sensitivity? Then you may be a candidate for gingival augmentation at Gainesville Periodontics.

Gingival augmentation, also known as gum grafting, is a type of periodontal surgery that involves adding tissue to the gums to cover exposed roots or increase the amount of gum tissue around a tooth. Gingival augmentation can be done using a variety of techniques, including connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts, and pedicle grafts.

What is Gum Recession?

One of the most common reasons for gingival augmentation is to treat gum recession. Gum recession occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots and causing sensitivity, decay, and potentially tooth loss. Gingival augmentation can be used to cover the exposed roots and protect them from further damage.

How Does Gingival Augmentation Work?

During a gingival augmentation procedure here at Gainesville Periodontics, the periodontal surgeon will first numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, depending on the technique being used, they will either remove a small piece of tissue from another part of the mouth (such as the roof of the mouth) or create a flap of tissue from the surrounding gums. This tissue is then placed over the exposed root or area of gum recession and stitched into place.
After the procedure, patients may experience some discomfort and swelling, which can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs. It is important to follow your periodontist’s instructions for post-operative care, which will include avoiding certain foods, taking antibiotics or pain medication, and practicing good oral hygiene.

Is Gum Grafting Usually Successful?

Gingival augmentation has a high success rate. More than 90% of patients who undergo gum grafting experience long-term positive results. Factors that affect the success of this procedure include:
The overall health of the patient
Severity of gum recession and other gum issues
Type of gum grafting procedure that is performed
In some cases, multiple procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Why Gum Grafting?

One of the benefits of gingival augmentation is that it can help protect the teeth and gums from further damage. Exposed roots are more susceptible to decay and can lead to tooth loss if not properly treated. By covering the exposed roots with additional gum tissue, patients can prevent further damage and preserve their natural teeth.

Gum Recession Affecting Your Smile?

Dr. Barclay and the team at Gainesville Periodontics would be happy to help you reclaim the healthy, bright smile of your youth. Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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