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Digital X-rays – Panorex and 3D X-rays

Digital X-rays have revolutionized the way periodontists diagnose and treat oral health issues. Among the most valuable types of digital X-rays are panorex and 3D X-rays. At Gainesville Periodontics, we use both types of X-rays to plan treatment for our patients.

What is a panorex?

A panorex is a digital X-ray that captures an image of your entire mouth, including your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding structures. Unlike traditional X-rays, which require individual images of each tooth, a panorex provides a comprehensive view of your oral anatomy in a single image. This type of X-ray is particularly useful for identifying issues like impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, and cysts.
In addition to providing a comprehensive view of your oral health, panorex X-rays offer several other benefits. For one, they’re quick and easy, usually taking no more than a few minutes. They’re also relatively painless and expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays.

3D X-rays

Digital 3D X-rays provide a more detailed view of your oral health than traditional X-rays or panorex X-rays. 3D X-rays use a cone-shaped beam of radiation to capture images of your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding structures from multiple angles. These images are then reconstructed into a 3D image that allows Dr. Barclay and his team to see your oral health in unprecedented detail.
One of the most significant benefits of 3D X-rays is that they allow dentists to identify issues that might be missed with other types of X-rays. A 3D X-ray can help detect fractures or cracks in teeth that might not be visible on a traditional X-ray. They can also help identify issues like bone loss, tooth decay, and even sinus problems.
Like panorex X-rays, 3D X-rays are quick and easy to take, but 3D X-rays do expose patients to slightly more radiation than other types of X-rays, so it’s important to discuss the risks and benefits with your periodontist before deciding whether to have one.

Need digital X-rays in Gainesville?

Both panorex and 3D X-rays are valuable tools in the diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth or just want to stay on top of your oral health, schedule an appointment with Gainesville Periodontics today.

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